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School Vision & Values


Vision & Values


At Greenfields, we aim to provide a happy and safe school where children reach their full potential and enjoy learning. We work very closely with our local community and our parents, creating a safe and exciting environment  for all of our children.


We aim for everybody to be the best that they can be.


We strive to provide both Excellence and Enjoyment for the children – excellence in terms of 

ensuring that all children achieve to their full potential. We have continually high expectations of the children and we strive to provide academic rigour through challenge, engagement and achievement.


We also endeavour to provide enjoyment for the children so that they enjoy their learning and consequently learn more. Learning is celebrated in all its forms. We believe all children have skills, interests, gifts and talents and it is our responsibility to identify, develop and nurture these.


High quality provision is a strength of our school. A wide range of enrichment activities enhances a creative curriculum and enables us to address all children’s needs and develop their self esteem, self confidence and raise aspirations.


Children’s personal, social, health, cultural and emotional development are a priority and highly effective pastoral and support programmes support this across the school. The support from class teachers, TAs, our Learning Mentors and Counsellor are key to achieving this.

The school has a committed, forward looking, energetic staff team who work relentlessly to ensure ours is a highly effective school where all children receive the best education possible.

Professional development opportunities ensure all staff are equipped and able to drive, lead, develop and support new initiatives to improve and support innovative teaching and learning.


We work in partnership with parents and the local community and continually build on these

relationships. The school has an extremely positive reputation within the local community and the community of Nottingham. We are committed to lifelong learning for all.


At Greenfields, we aim to promote positive mental health for our children, parents and every member of staff.  We pursue this aim using whole school approaches and specialised, targeted approaches aimed at vulnerable students


Aims and Objectives

School Priorities 2019-20

National National Support School & National Leader in Education


The headteacher of Greenfields, Terry Smith, was successfully designated as a National Leader in Education (NLE) is March 2014 and the school was designated as a National Support School.


Greenfields is experienced at, and has considerable experience of, supporting different schools in raising standards and developing and strengthening leadership teams.


Three members of staff have been accredited as Senior Leaders of Education (SLEs) and have had developed some experience improving teaching and learning and supporting other schools.


Greenfields Vision


On the first Inset day of the Autumn Term 2017, the staff at Greenfields worked with Colin Newton and Derek Wilson from Inclusive Solutions on re-establishing the vision for the school.


We first worked with Derek and Colin in 2005, before Greenfields opened. So this was a great opportunity to re-look at the vision for the school. 


It was a fantastic day and has helped us to identify where we are going as a school in the short-term and long-term.


For further information on Inclusive Solutions, please visit :


The "map" that we produced on the Inset Day looks like this :