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Greenfields belongs to a variety of different partnerships between local schools, including the following :

Local Meadows Schools


Greenfields is more than happy to work very closely together with the other schools in the Meadows area of Nottingham - Victoria Primary School, Welbeck Primary School and the Nottingham Emmanuel School.


The four schools have a history of close collaboration and inter-school support.

Nottingham Schools Trust


The Nottingham Schools Trust (NST) is a local trust which has just recently been established. It brings together 30 Local Authority maintained Primary schools and stand-alone Academies in the City of Nottingham. It builds on previous joint working and aims to get the best possible outcomes for children and young people in Nottingham. It is fully inclusive for ALL schools in the City, maintained, academies, voluntary, nurseries, primary and secondary.

The CEOs of the NST are Pat and Sarah Fielding, who were until recently Dirtectors of Education for Nottingham City Council.


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Transform Teaching School Alliance


Greenfields is proud to be a member of the Transform Teaching School Alliance.


Teaching schools give outstanding schools a leading role in the training and professional development of teachers, support staff and headteachers, as well as contributing to the raising of standards through school-to-school support.


Schools work together within a teaching school alliance – a group of schools and other partners that is supported by the leadership of a teaching school. This will include all those schools that benefit by receiving support, as well as strategic partners that will lead on certain aspects of delivery. Alliances may be cross phase and cross sector, work across local authorities and may include different types of organisations. 


Collaboration is at the heart of the teaching school model. All teaching schools will be expected to work with a number of schools and other strategic partners to form a teaching school alliance. Working together, the alliance will deliver support for other schools in their wider network to:

  1. play a greater role in recruiting and training new entrants to the profession (initial teacher training)
  2. lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development (continuing professional development)
  3. identify and develop leadership potential (succession planning and talent management)
  4. provide support for other schools
  5. designate and broker SLEs
  6. engage in research and development activity


For further infomation on the Transform Teaching School Alliance, please visit :


Central Learning Partnership


The Central Learning Partnership’s over-arching aim is to raise standards and improve outcomes for all children and families across our schools. The CLP is a forward thinking group of 18 member educational establishments in the Central area of the City of Nottingham within the East Midlands region.


By working in partnership this way, the CLP is helping to raise standards and improve outcomes for all children and young people by:


• Providing a shared vision for staff and students at our partner schools
• Engaging additional partners to support our families
• Creating a sustainable and long-term partnership
• Providing continuity of care and education across all stages of transition
• Providing enrichment opportunities across all schools in the partnership and by;
• Developing network groups to support teaching and learning

To find out more about the CLP, please follow this link :