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Key Stage 2 Christmas Play

The children's Christmas play was called 'Christmas Is Forever'. The play has lots of references to 'Bond Films'.


We hope you enjoy looking at the photos - look out for Agent Blonde and all the different Elves and Santas!

Christmas Is Forever

Ashar Tasnim - The Cheekiest Reindeer in town!
Elf Tia Woodcock
Elf Timothy Peck
Mrs Cowdell gets Dragon into the festive spirit!
Nargis Ahmadi, AKA Agent Blonde and the Elves
The Stage
Christmas dance by Luji, Ayesha, Ellie and Aaliyah
Elves Numaan Ahmed, Mabad Ul-Hassan &Libbie Davies
Kiah Pearce, AKA The Real Santa
Nargis Ahmadi, AKA Agent Blonde
The Real Santa and Agent Blonde
Agent Blonde sings a solo
The singers