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Educational Links

Purple Mash is a website that enables

children to explore and learn in a fun

and exciting way.



BBC Bitesize is a website that allows

children to learn about a wide variety

of topics across the curriculum through

videos, texts and quizzes.

You will also find lots of revision resources



The Primary Games Arena is filled with

lots of online learning games for all areas

of the curriculum for children from

Nursery to Year 6.


Hit The Button is an interactive Maths

game with lots of quick fire questions

for children aged 6-11.



This website is filled with fun facts for

children. Find out what is going on in the

world through stories, pictures and videos.

This website is filled with lots of

interactive Phonics games that will

help children to learn and practice their




Visit Topmarks English for lots of Phonics and Grammar games, as well as lots of other educational Literacy games.

For ages 3-14.



Visit Topmarks Maths for a huge variety of educational Maths games that cover all of the topics that the children will be learning about in their class.

For ages 3-14


Maths Chase 

Set your own speed and time limit and answer questions from a choice of all the four operations. Choose your own 'chaser'! 

Tablet friendly maths games

Tablet friendly maths games.