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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.

Greenfields has 12 Governors who help run the school. The Governing Body is made up of representatives from our parents, staff, Local Authority and the local community. They work incredibly hard to make sure that the school performs as well as it possibly can.


The Governors are :                                        Term From        Term To                 


Co-opted Representatives


  • Mr Daniel Harvey  (Chair)                         23/05/19        22/05/23                 
  • Ms Rebecca Kirk                                       03/05/22        02/05/26                  
  • Mrs Sajidah Ahmad                                  12/07/22        11/07/26
  • Mrs Gillian Roberts (Vice Chair)                 10/10/19        09/10/23
  • Ms Rebecca Blackman                              13/05/21        12/05/25
  • Mrs Samantha Hewitt                                 24/03/19        23/03/23
  • Mrs Serena Hussain                                 03/02/22        02/02/26 

Local Authority Representatives


Mr Philip Spear                              12/07/22        11/07/26                             


Parent Representatives


  • Vacancy                   
  • Vacancy                   


Staff Representatives

  • Mrs Clare Thomas                                    24/01/19        23/01/23



  • Mr Terry Smith                                          -                      -                               


    Structure of the Governing Body


    Governors meet each half-term throughout the year.


    Each term, there is a particular focus for the full Governing Body meeting - Curriculum and Standards; Finance & Business and Children and Families.


    The Curriculum and Standards group works with the school staff to ensure that the pupils receive a balanced curriculum based upon their individual needs and the requirements of the National Curriculum. The Finance & Business group sets the school budget when the LA has allocated the funding.  This is done in consultation with the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher. It then meets throughout the year to monitor the school’s expenditure and to discuss staffing issues. The Children and Families group then discusses support for children and families within the community, including safeguarding and child protection and those children who may have Special Educational Needs or a disability.


    Each Governor is a member of (and has subsequent voting rights on) at least one of these three groups.


    There are also three compulsory committees (Disciplinary and Grievance, Complaints and Exclusions Committees) which will meet whenever deemed necessary. 


    Register of Pecuniary Interests


    Each Governor (and member of staff) has a statutory duty to to complete a "Register of Pecuniary Interests" each year, setting out the relevant business interests of Governors and details of any other establishments they govern. 


    There are no material interests arising from relationships between Governors or relationships between Governors and members of school staff, including spouses, partners and relatives.


    No Governors have any roles in other educational institutions.


    For the current academic year, 2022-23, there is one Governor, a member of the school staff,  who has registered a pecuniary interest relating to another member of staff who also works within the school.



    Annual statement of issues addressed


    The main issues that the Governing Body faced last year (2021-22) were in line with the relevant groups - namely, the budget for the school and providing appropriate deployment of resources, ensuring good value for money; staffing issues relating to the management of the performance of staff and appraisal; and the support for children and families within the school, working closely with outside agencies.


    Governor Attendance





    Academic Year 2021-22


    Autumn 2021

    Spring 2022

    Summer 2022

    Governor Name




    Mrs S Hewitt

    Mrs R Kirk

    Mrs Gillian Roberts

    Mr T Raza



    Mr T Smith

    Mrs C Thomas

    Ms K Warner



    Mr D Harvey