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Greenfields Learning Project

Greenfields Learning Project


Staring in September 2015, the Greenfields Learning Project is a way of encouraging the children to look at how they learn, not just what they learn.


We have been working with Tamba Roy, a former Headteacher and now Educational Consultant, on developing children's attitudes towards learning.


As a school, we have identified six areas that we feel it would be useful for the children to develop. They are:


  • Caring                                    "Be caring - value yourself and others"
  • Creativity                               "Be creative - dare to make a difference!"
  • Resilience                              "Be strong - you can find a way"
  • Perseverance/Positivity       "Be positive - keep trying!"
  • Thinking                                "Be curious - ask questions"
  • Self Belief                              "Believe in yourself and be the best you can be"


Throughout the year, we will be working on these areas and developing with the children what exactly they mean for the children's learning.

Greenfields Learning Project