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At Greenfields, we are committed to providing a wide ranging, exciting curriculum for the children, a curriculum which provides the children with all of the skills that they will need to succeed in life.


To find out more about the curriculum we teach at school, please download the Greenfields Curriculum Statement below. Here you will find information on how we organise the curriculum across the school, from the Early Years Foundation Stage through to Year 6, including information on Literacy and Numeracy, History, Geography, Science, Forest Schools, Gardening and other curriculum areas.


The curriculum is revisited each year and has just been overhauled in the light of the revised Ofsted School Handbook which will came into effect in September 2019. 


In particular, please have a look at the information regarding the intent, implementation and impact of the curriculum framework.


Please have a look through the Greenfields Community School Curriculum Intent document below, the Greenfields Community School Curriculum Statement below, and also the Greenfields Community School Literacy Policies and Practice document, which includes information on Phonics and Spelling programmes, Guided Writing and Guided Reading, including the phonics programme that we use in Foundation and Key Stage One. 


If you need any more information about the curriculum that we teach at Greenfields, please feel free to contact Terry Smith, Headteacher on the school phone number.

PLEASE NOTE : Greenfields has now adopted 'Little Wandle' as our Phonics and early reading programme, starting in September 2022. This programme will be running throughout the school, starting in Nursery through to Year 2. Some children in Year 3 and 4 may also be covering some of the programme. 


For more information on Little Wandle, please head to :   


To supplement the Curriculum Framework, we have developed 'Skills Ladders' in foundation subject areas. We are currently developing 'Knowledge Ladders' to supplement the Skills Ladders for each curriculum subject. These will be available soon for you to see.


To see the Skills Ladders in more detail, please click on the links below : 


Governors at Greenfields have recently written a 'Curriculum Inclusion Statement' which identifies the school's legal responsibilities in terms of teaching the National Curriculum. Please read through the statement below :

The Greenfields Guarantee also provides information on our commitment to providing a variety of learning experiences for the children.


For more detailed information on the National Curriculum which the school follows, please go to :


Parents and other members of the public are more than welcome to contact the Headteacher, Terry Smith, at the school address, to discuss the curriculum which we offer at Greenfields. Please see the 'Contact Us' information on the school website.


Greenfields is an extremely inclusive school and all children who live in the catchment area of the school are entitled to a place within the school, presuming that the school is able to meet the child's needs. Every child who attends Greenfields participates fully in the curriculum on offer throughout the school.

Outside Learning


At Greenfields, we also greatly value Outside Education.


As a "flagship" school for the Food For Life Partnership, we are able to provide a variety of opportunities for the children to learn outside the classroom.


We have a gardener, Jane Needham, who works with us a day per week, developing the grounds and outside learning areas as well as teaching gardening skills to Year 3 children. All of the food that we grow in school is used either within cooking sessions or by the kitchen staff at dinnertime.


Skilled Teaching Assistants are able to teach basic cooking skills to all of the children in school, either within the specially established Cooking Room or within the curriculum in classes.


Two teachers are also fully trained as Forest School teachers, enabling all of the children from Nursery to Year 4 to learn through a Forest Schools programme on school grounds all year round.


For more information on Outside Learning at Greenfields, please see the following information :