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Spring 1

This half term, the children have been learning all about North America.


The children split into small research groups and have worked very hard to learn lots about their chosen North American country.


For their chosen country, the children researched and learnt about what the land is like, famous landmarks, the languages spoken, what the weather is like, the different animals and much much more. Each week, the children transferred all of the information they had found onto their group map.

The children also learnt about the history of Totem Poles.


The children used watercolours to design their own section of a Totem Pole and then joined their creations with other children's designs to make one large Totem Pole.

Totem Poles

Totem Poles 1
Totem Poles 2

The children also learnt about Guatemalan Worry Dolls.


To make a Worry Doll, Guatemalan artisans bind pieces of wood together or twist together short lengths of wire to create a frame and then wrap fabric around the doll to give it shape.


All the children made their own family of Guatemalan Worry Dolls using pipe-cleaners and fabric.

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Guatemalan Worry Dolls 1
Guatemalan Worry Dolls 2 Kieran Edson's Guatemalan Worry Dolls
Guatemalan Worry Dolls 3 Jos Buckley's Guatemalan Worry Dolls
Guatemalan Worry Dolls 4 Numaan Ahmed's Guatemalan Worry Dolls

The children used an app called Popplet Lite on the iPads to write their own instructions for how to make a Guatemalan Worry Doll.

Popplet Lite Instruction Writing

Popplet Lite Instruction Writing  1
Popplet Lite Instruction Writing  2

We also used an app called Yakit on the iPads. We had great fun making videos with our Guatemalan Worry Dolls.


We filmed Marcus dressed up as a Guatemalan Worry Doll using Yakit. We hope you enjoy the video!


Still image for this video
Marcus dressed up as a Guatemalan Worry Doll

We have also learnt about the art of Batik.


Batik is a form of art that uses the 'resist' method. Hot wax is used to make a pattern on fabric. The die resists the wax and colours the fabric.


We made our own Teepees and used Batik to decorate them.

Batik Teepees

Batik Teepees 1 Batik Teepee by Nila Mobashir
Batik Teepees 2 Batik Teepee by Chanel McCarron