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Spring 1

This half term, Class 5 have been studying North America. In groups, children have studied a country in North America, finding out about its cities, landmarks, sports, food and much more. The children have used their research to create a visual map of their country.

Map Work

Map Work 1 Rui , Mason and Tremaine's Map of Barbados.
Map Work 2 Maps of North America.

In addition to this, we have looked at Guatemalan Worry Dolls, Tepees and Totem Poles. We have found out about these and have made some ourselves!


The children worked on their own designs and then combined their artwork to create tall Totem Poles.

Children's Work

Children's Work 1 Guatemalan Worry Dolls.
Children's Work 2 Totem Poles.
The children in Class 5 have also been working hard to look after their outdoor area.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning 1 Subhaan, Sophie, Oliwia and Amar gardening.