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Spring 1

This term, we have been learning about South America.


We went to Greenfields Airport and got on a plane to South America. The children had to bring five items in their suitcase for a holiday in a hot country.


At the Airport, the children had to show their passports and go through Security.


Pilot Captain Hasnip and his cabin crew took the children safely to South America.

Greenfields Airport

Greenfields Airport 1 Checking in.
Greenfields Airport 2 Preparing to go through Airport Security.
Greenfields Airport 3 Heath Allen, ready for the Equatorial sun!
Greenfields Airport 4 In-flight refreshments.
Greenfields Airport 5 Mickey Pleasance reading his comic.
We have been exploring the different layers of the rainforest and the plants and animals that live there by making rainforest dioramas.

Rainforest Dioramas

Rainforest Dioramas 1
Rainforest Dioramas 2
Rainforest Dioramas 3

We have been reading a Chilean folk tale called Mariana and The Merchild and used this to explore adjectives and adverbs.


We looked at The Nazca Lines in the Nazca Desert and created our own Nazca Line artwork.

Nazca Line Artwork

Nazca Line Artwork 1 Nazca Line display.
In the last week of half term, we performed a carnival procession - like the one in Rio de Jineiro. Our parents are carers came and joined in with the fun.