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Autumn 1

This half term, our topic in class has been about the book, ‘I Am Henry Finch’ by Alexis Deacon.

Picture 1

The story is about a little red finch called Henry who always did the same thing as the other finches, until one day, he dared to be different and follow his own thoughts.


We completed lots of different work based on the book. In Literacy, we made our own story maps and then retold the story in our own words as a comic strip.

Story Map and Comic Strips

Story Map and Comic Strips 1
Story Map and Comic Strips 2
Story Map and Comic Strips 3

We also thought about how Henry Finch had to be brave and face his fears of the Beast and to think for himself. We talked about the Beast in our life. Some of our Beasts included: spiders, clowns, bullies and fake friends.


In Art, we used the iPads to find different finches. We chose a finch and then used watercolour crayons to make our own. We then used oil pastels and brusho to design and make a bird cage for our finch.

Bird Cages

Bird Cages 1
Bird Cages 2

In Literacy, we studied a Poem by William Carlos Williams. We noticed that the poem has no punctuation and that the sentences carry on past the line and onto the next stanza. We learnt that this is called enjambment.


We also noticed that each line of the poem does not give anything away and leaves the reader wondering what the poet is talking about. So we performed the poem in pairs with one of us making up and asking questions after each line.


We then wrote our own poems based on the style, tone and structure of the ‘Just To Say’ poem by William Carlos Williams. We then wrote more poems in the voice of Henry Finch and The Beast. We used an app called Yakit to record our poems using the finches and Beasts we had created in Art.

Just To Say Poems

Still image for this video
By Faizaan, Arek and James

The Beast

Still image for this video
By Holly and Lina

Little Finch

Still image for this video
By Momina

Little Finch

Still image for this video
By Precious and Lucy